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Beechworth Golf Club

Home of the 2013 Victorian Sand Greens Championship

Course Map


Hole 1 - 451m Par 5 (9) Men - 451m Par 5 (2/1) Ladies

The only Par 5 on the course. A good drive is needed onto a large landing area or up between two large gum trees. A drive left or right can make your second shot very difficult. Very reachable in two with a good drive with the fairway sloping left to right near the scrape.

Hole 2 - 276m Par 4 (17) Men - 276m Par 4 (9/12) Ladies

A downhill par 4, reachable for the longer hitters. Out of bounds left, worth hitting another ball if it goes too far in, with a drain at the lowest part of the hole between you and the scrape.

Hole 3 - 167m Par 3 (12) Men - 144m Par 3 (15/16) Ladies

The longest par 3 on the course has a tricky approach shot with a hazard located directly behind the green and trees to the right.

Hole 4 - 379m Par 4 (1) Men - 360m Par 5 (3/3) Ladies

The hardest hole on the course, a daunting tee shot with trouble left and right. Aiming for the right of the fairway is the best way to leave you an easier second shot it.

Hole 5 - 165m Par 3 (12) Men - 165m Par 3 (13/14) Ladies

Hitting from our new tee you are pushed right back into the forrest. This can make the tee shot tricky with danger left. Hole opens up near the green.

Hole 6 - 316m Par 4 (5) Men - 295m Par 4 (10/9) Ladies

The difficult approach to this green can stump even the best of golfer, with out-of-bounds long and not much landing area in front of the green. Crosses over the first fairway, heading towards the old clubhouse.

Hole 7 - 145m Par 3 (14) Men - 145m Par 3 (17/15) Ladies

Interesting Par 3 with some over hanging branches making the tee shot trickier than it first appears. A small green with with a large lip at the back.

Hole 8 - 387m Par 4 (3) Men - 308m Par 4 (12/10) Ladies

A straight drive to a narrower fairway is required onthis hole, with a miss to the left often resulting in reloading off the tee. Missing right is safe but will mean a blind approach to the green.

Hole 9 - 346m Par 4 (6) Men - 346m Par 4 (6/6) Ladies

A dog-leg left, requiring a straight or drawn tee shot to avoid the trees lining each side of the fairway.

Hole 10 - 130m Par 3 (18) Men - 130m Par 3 (18/18) Ladies

The shortest Par 3 on the course can still cause trouble, with out-of-bound left as well as over hanging trees. Suit players who draw the ball. A large green with back to front slope.

Hole 11 - 388m Par 4 (2) Men - 388m Par 5 (4/2) Ladies

A tricky tee shot, aiming between two large trees, with faders of the ball being best suited. If you can make it through the tree the fairway is generous. A small green with not much trouble around it.

Hole 12 - 277m Par 4 (16) Men - 277 Par 4 (11/11) Ladies

A reachable Par 4 requiring the driver to fade the ball or hit straight. You can lay up to the corner and leave yourself a nice approach or go for glory and see how you go.

Hole 13 - 342m Par 4 (8) Men - 334 Par 4 (1/7) Ladies

A hazard lies between the tee and the green, with the fairway bending from right to left. Very little room behind the green so leaving your approach short is advisable.

Hole 14 - 392m Par 4 (4) Men - 313m Par 4 (8/8) Ladies

This hold has a slight left to right shape with a drive down the right hand side leaving you in the best position. Around the green the land slopes from left to right.

Hole 15 - 354m Par 4 (10) Men - 354m Par 4 (7/5) Ladies

A gentle right to left dogleg, trees lining the fairway close to the tee make for a daunting tee shot. Judging the approach can be difficult as the grass around the green can often stop the ball dead. The dam next to the green is only in play for shots sprayed wide left.

Hole 16 - 348m Par 4 (7) Men - 354m Par 4 (5/4) Ladies

A narrow fairway that opens up the close to the hole you get. 

Hole 17 - 142m Par 3 (13) Men - 142m Par 3 (16/17) Ladies

A green protected by a pair of mounds can often be difficult to hit onto. A large flat green awaits.

Hole 18 - 272m Par 4 (15) Men - 272m Par 4 (14/13) Ladies

Another reachable Par 4, this time rewarding those right-handers who can draw the ball. Protected by a pair of mounds, the green can sometimes be hard to approach for those who have laid up short of the green.




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