Twilight Golf – 30 January 2020

Tonight’s Twilight Winner Dave Atkins 24 (20+4), runner up Granite Cafè voucher Jason West 23 (21+2).
Ball winners Paul O’loughlin 23, Josh Carr 21.

NTP 3rd Dave Atkins.
Nearest chip to the 9th Jason West.
CC’s Quality Meats raffle winner Graeme Cordy.

This Sunday is a Stableford.
Sunday Feburary 9th NEDGA Opening day at Jubilee.
Pennant starts mid March anyone wanting to play in the opening day or one of our three pennant sides please let Dylan Pool know.

Twilight Golf – 16 January 2020

Today’s winner was Joe Forster 29 (24+5), runner up Granite Cafè voucher winner Bevan Cox 26 (18+8).
Ball winners
Mark Taylor 24, Jamie Dolny 22, Jarryd Pritchard 22.
NTP 3rd Jamie Dolny, 7th Col Carmody.
1/2 dozen NTP on the 5th Joe Forster.
Nearest chip to the 9th Josh Carr.